Load Banks For the Military

The military utilizes load banks to ensure the reliability and performance of power generation and distribution systems, minimizing the risk of power failures during critical operations. Load banks enable thorough testing, commissioning, and training, helping to identify and address potential issues proactively, thus enhancing overall operational readiness.


Build for the toughest environments.


Connect and control multiple load banks together as one.

Data Capture

Advanced data capture and reporting provides real time insights into power performance.

Why are Load Banks used in the Military?

Avtron 3024 load banks for military applications

Testing and Commissioning

Load banks are extensively used during the testing and commissioning of power generation systems, such as diesel generators or gas turbine units, before they are deployed in the field. By connecting the load bank to the power source, the military can simulate real-world electrical loads and verify the system's functionality, stability, and performance under different operating conditions. This helps ensure that the generators are operating optimally and can handle the expected loads during mission-critical scenarios.

Performance Verification

Load banks enable the military to evaluate the performance and capacity of power distribution networks. By subjecting the electrical infrastructure to simulated loads, the military can assess the system's ability to deliver power efficiently and reliably. This process helps identify any weaknesses or deficiencies in the power grid and enables proactive maintenance and upgrades.

Training & Preparedness

The military uses load banks as training tools for personnel involved in power system maintenance and operation. Load banks allow soldiers and technicians to practice connecting, configuring, and operating power generation equipment in a controlled environment. This helps familiarize them with various scenarios they may encounter in the field, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle power-related challenges during deployments.

Load Testing of Mobile Equipment

Military vehicles, aircraft, and ships often rely on onboard power systems. Load banks are used to test and verify the performance of these systems, ensuring they can provide adequate power to essential equipment, such as communication devices, radar systems, or weapon systems. Regular load testing helps identify any issues with the power systems and ensures their operational readiness.

Field Testing and Troubleshooting

Load banks are portable devices that can be deployed in the field to simulate loads and test power supply systems under realistic conditions. They are particularly useful when assessing power quality, stability, and capacity in remote or temporary military installations. Load banks aid in troubleshooting electrical problems, diagnosing issues, and making necessary adjustments to ensure reliable power supply in challenging environments.

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