WHy 8000 SERIES COntainerized Load Banks are best-in-class

There are numerous features and benefits that make Avtron 8000 SERIES containerized load banks best-in-class for high capacity and heavy duty load test applications.

Avtron supply all containerized load banks with integrated “control rooms”. While control rooms typically are unoccupied when load tests are underway, they provide safe access for pre-test checks, control setup, and maintenance activities. Operators can access the controls and switchgear from inside the unit, an important advantage in inclement climes. Furthermore, switchgear and controls are compartmentalized to increase operator safety and prevent ingress of moisture and dirt. Within the control room, built-in HMI touchscreens display load bank status, provide local control, and present in-depth diagnostics to an on-site operator. Without an integral control room, pre-test checking and fault finding become more time consuming and complex.

Integral fans used to cool the resistive elements in a load bank can create high levels of noise. Government regulations often restrict noise levels in urban and residential areas, so sound reduction techniques are essential in these applications. Avtron utilize various methods to reduce noise levels, including lining enclosures with sound deadening materials, slowing fan speeds, and adding lined ‘pods’ to airflow discharge locations. When noise attenuation measures overly restrict airflow, load banks can overheat. When this occurs, load banks must reduce capacity to levels that can be cooled by available airflow. Careful design, selection, and installation can ensure that load banks will deliver their rated capacity whenever needed.

In many load test applications, ease of manoeuvrability is necessary for efficient load bank storage and positioning. In addition, weight distribution can affect movability. Avtron positions the heavy inductors on the floor of the container to lower its center of gravity. By strategically positioning fans and resistors, designers improve balance. Pad eyes facilitate lifting and manoeuvring at sites with limited space, such as oil rigs.

Avtron offer circuit breaker options in 8000 SERIES containerized load banks to protect electrical components from overload or short circuit conditions. Circuit breakers are often specified by equipment rental companies and test cell load bank users.

In tough coastal and marine environments, an unprotected containerized load bank could be prone to rusting of the enclosure and internal components. Avtron offers the option of special marine paint to protect the enclosure from spray and salt. For even harsher environments the container, internal enclosures, nuts, bolts, fixings, and ducts can be manufactured in stainless steel. Protective measures allow Avtron load banks to operate reliably in coastal and marine environments.

Data centers and industrial facilities are often located in cooler locations to reduce air conditioning costs. However, cold temperatures can cause load bank circuits and components to freeze and cease operation. To prevent these outcomes, Avtron load banks can be fitted with cold weather equipment to mitigate the effects of temperatures as low as -20°C. Internal anti-condensation heaters can maintain ambient temperatures and limit moisture accumulation, and extra insulation can be installed in floors, walls, and ceilings.

Cutaway of an 8000 SERIES Load Bank
A cutaway of an 8000 SERIES Load Bank. Click to open full screen.

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