Load Banks For Data Centers

Data centers are one of the most common users of load banks. From commissioning and periodic maintenance to expansion and renewable energy integration, load banks are integral to proving power reliability in data centers.

Wide Capacity Ranges

Avtron manufacture load banks to test any type of power system used in a data center.


Connect and control load banks wirelessly in a network.

Data Capture

Advanced data capture and reporting provides real time insights into power performance.

Uses of Load Banks in Data Centers

Load banks are used throughout a data center facility from commissioning all the way through to expansion. Use the hot spots below to find out where and why load banks are essential.

Back Up Diesel Generators
  • Ensure back-up power supply will work in the event of a power shortage
  • Commission and verify the nameplate power rating
  • Regular load bank maintenance will keep the generator in optimal operating condition
  • Load banks will identify any potential back-up power issues that may lead to power outages
Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Fully load the batteries to simulate real-life conditions and identify potential weaknesses
  • Validate the electrical system to avoid costly outages
  • A low cost method of determining battery autonomy
  • Test and maintain UPS's as part of a maintenance schedule
Remote Power Panels
  • Commission RPP's to ensure correct operation for real world conditions
  • Ensure power distribution efficiency and uptime
  • Validate RPP metering
Power Distribution Units
  • Commission PDU's to ensure correct operation for real world conditions
  • Ensure power distribution efficiency and uptime
  • Validate the PDU bus bar system and monitor temperature changes
Bus Tracks
  • Ensure temperature rise of bus bars remains within limit with specific electrical loads
  • Validate the power tap offs and feed tracks
Server Racks
  • Verify and validate efficient power distribution to all server components
  • Simulate server heat production to verify data center HVAC systems
  • Ensure data center power and temperature conditions are optimal before installing costly servers

How are Portable load banks used for HVAC Testing?

With the incredible increase in data requirements, data centers are being built at a record pace. Load banks are an essential part of commissioning the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Find out how and why in this video

Why are load banks so vital in Data Center Applications?

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