Load Banks For Microgrid

Microgrid deployment has expanded in recent years. These systems can provide power to facilities and areas whether or not they are connected to utility grid power. The need for regular testing with load banks in microgrids has exploded in popularity. Scroll down to find out why.

What is a microgrid?

The most common model for distributing electricity to end-users is through public utility grids. When served by a utility, communities are provided with power from a centralized supply. While utility-based power distribution typically offers economies of scale, end-user experiences are tied to the reliability and management of the utility power system. In addition, facilities and communities located beyond the reaches of power distribution infrastructure cannot be provided with electrical power from utility sources.

Microgrids offer an alternative model for power generation and distribution. Varying widely in configuration and scale, microgrids share a capability of being able to isolate from utility grids and operate using one or more local power sources. This state of operation is often called “islanding” or “island mode.”

Microgrids are increasingly being used to supply supplemental or even primary power. Like other power systems, they must be tested together with their power devices to ensure proper commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

Why use Load Banks used in a Microgrid?

Load banks apply precise and repeatable amounts of load to power sources by converting electrical energy into heat. The amount of load is rated in kilowatts and the heat they generate is quantified in British Thermal Units. Common power sources found in microgrids include:

A diagram showing a microgrid drawing

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