Load Banks For Marine

In marine environments, load banks play an important role in testing and maintaining the performance of electrical systems on ships, offshore platforms, and other marine applications.


Available in stainless steel and specialized marine painted options.


Available as trailer mounted and the option to network multiple units together.

Data Capture

Advanced data capture and reporting provides real time insights into power performance.

Why are load banks used in marine applications?

By subjecting power sources to controlled loads, load banks help identify issues, ensure compliance with regulations, and optimize the overall efficiency of electrical systems on ships, offshore platforms, and other marine applications. See below for how load banks are utilized:

Two 8400 Avtron Containerized Load Banks

Testing Generators

Marine generators are vital for providing electrical power on ships and offshore installations. Load banks are used to test the performance of generators under different loads, ensuring they can handle the expected power demands. This helps identify any issues, such as inadequate power output, voltage fluctuations, or frequency variations.

Battery Testing

Load banks are also used to assess the performance of battery systems commonly found in marine applications. By subjecting batteries to a controlled load, load banks can measure their capacity, discharge rates, and overall health. This testing ensures that batteries can provide sufficient power during critical operations and helps identify any degradation or potential failures.

Voltage Regulation

Load banks assist in evaluating the voltage regulation capabilities of electrical systems. They can apply varying loads to generators, enabling the measurement of voltage response and stability. This helps ensure that the electrical system can maintain a steady voltage output under different load conditions.

Commissioning & Maintenance

Load banks are often employed during the commissioning phase of marine vessels or offshore platforms. They allow for comprehensive testing of the entire electrical system, verifying its integrity and performance. Load banks are also used for regular maintenance purposes to assess the condition of power sources and electrical components, preventing unexpected failures and optimizing system reliability.

Compliance Standards

Load banks used in marine environments need to comply with relevant industry standards and regulations. These may include classification society rules (e.g., ABS, DNV-GL, Lloyd's Register) and international standards like ISO 9001 or ISO 17025 for quality management and testing calibration.

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