Load Banks For Healthcare

Power availability is essential to providing services at healthcare facilities. Regular testing of emergency power equipment is necessary to ensure that it will function when utility outages occur, and is required by industry codes and standards.

Wide Capacity Ranges

Avtron manufactures small portable to multi-megawatt load banks to meet any demand.


Using load banks to test back-up power performance offers precision vs building load.

Data Capture

Advanced data capture and reporting provides real-time insights into power performance.

Why use Load Banks used in Healthcare Facilities?

Performing hospital backup power tests using load banks can offer advantages that streamline compliance testing. Doing so requires one or more load banks, plus the equipment needed to control them. Although there are capital costs associated with this approach, it’s benefits support regulatory compliance and promote reliability.

Emergency power systems in healthcare facilities are regulated by the Hospital Accreditation Standards issued by The Joint Commission as well as NFPA 110 and NFPA 99. These codes specify that hospitals test Emergency Power Supply Systems on monthly and annual bases to ensure availability. The standards require that alternate power sources to supply at least 30 percent of their nameplate rating for at least 30 minutes.

To demonstrate compliance, load must be applied to the backup power system for testing. Building load can be
used. However, its variable nature can compromise test results if the minimum required amount of power is not applied for the minimum required time. Using load banks provides greater predictability for load testing. Using load bank control systems, load banks can be networked for application flexibility, and the load test data can be automatically recorded and archived.

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