Radiator Mounted Load Banks

Avtron offers radiator-mount load banks with small footprints for resistive loads. They are a flexible and economical way to incorporate testing equipment without sacrificing essential features. These UL-Listed devices can be installed inside, outside, atop, or the exhaust ductwork of a gen-set. Avtron radiator-mounted load banks offer lower back pressure to prevent wet-stacking in diesel engines to prolong operating life. Make way for efficiency today.

Generator Cooled

The gen-set fan cools the resistive elements of the load bank.

Reduces Size

The load bank does not have a fan and is attached directly to the generator reducing the space taken vs a traditional load bank.

Up to 1500 kW

Up to 1500kW of load is available to fit to the generator in a compact package.

Radiator Load Bank Models

Avtron 1100 Radiator Mounted Load Bank

Avtron 1100 Load Bank

Front Mounted • 10kW - 900kW • 208V - 600V • 60Hz

Avtron 1500 Radiator Mounted Load Bank

Avtron 1500 Load Bank

Roof Mounted • 10kW - 600kW • 208V, 480V, 600V • 60Hz

Avtron 1900 Radiator Mounted Load Bank

Avtron 1900 Load Bank

Front Mounted • 1000kW - 1500kW • 400V, 480V, 600V • 60Hz

Radiator Mounted Load Bank FAQs

We can make our 1000 series load banks to fit many different types of diesel generators. Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Radiator mounted load banks provide supplemental load to a generator to ensure it is not light loaded. 

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