Load Banks For Commercial Buildings

The substantial cost of downtime makes back-up power reliability critical in commercial institutions. Our load banks ensure critical supplies remain efficient and reliable.

Wide Capacity Ranges

Avtron manufactures small portable to multi-megawatt load banks to meet any demand.


Permanently install load banks outside for regular maintenance routines.


Connect our load banks with existing building management systems.

Why are are Load Banks used in Commercial Buildings?

Testing and Commissioning

During the construction or renovation of a commercial building, load banks are employed to test the electrical systems before they are put into operation. This helps ensure that the systems are functioning properly and can handle the expected load.

Generator Testing

Commercial buildings often have backup generators to provide power in the event of a utility outage. Load banks are used to simulate the electrical load that the generator would experience during an actual power failure. This allows technicians to evaluate the generator's performance, fuel efficiency, cooling capabilities, and overall reliability.

Preventive Maintenance

Load banks are also utilized for routine maintenance and testing of electrical systems. Regularly applying a simulated load to generators and other power sources helps identify potential issues, such as faulty components, fuel system problems, or cooling inefficiencies. By detecting and addressing these problems in advance, it reduces the risk of unexpected failures and ensures that the systems are prepared for emergencies.

Load Testing

Load banks are employed to test the capacity and response of electrical systems to different loads. This is particularly crucial in commercial buildings where the demand for power fluctuates significantly throughout the day. By subjecting the electrical system to varying loads using load banks, building managers can evaluate its performance, stability, and voltage regulation under different scenarios.

Energy Efficiency Evaluation

Load banks can be used to assess the efficiency of electrical systems and equipment. By applying controlled loads, technicians can measure energy consumption, power factor, and other parameters to determine the efficiency of power distribution systems, transformers, electrical panels, and other components.

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