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Avtron Power Solutions manufacture and distribute market leading load bank solutions for mission critical applications. We have the largest portfolio in the industry and can meet the highest load testing standards with our intelligent SIGMA load bank control system.

Load Banks replicates real life demands on power systems

Load banks are a vital part of any back-up infrastructure. Applying load to simulate stresses on emergency power systems provides piece of mind that if the grid fails then the power will stay on.

Maintain the health of your Diesel generating set

Most generators rarely get up to full load in everyday use and unburnt fuel and residue effects performance. Using a load bank provides supplemental load to burn off unburnt fuel and boost gen-set performance and reduce the negative effects of a light loading.


Founded in 1947 Avtron has a long history of manufacturing market leading power test solutions. Now with a global footprint and sales into some of the largest industrial projects, Avtron will continue to push the envelope of what’s possible in the electrical test environment.


Avtron 3110 resistive load banks at a generator manufacturers facility

Resistive Load Banks

Load test a variety of power sources to unity power factor.

Radiator Mounted Load Banks

Designed to fit directly onto a diesel generator to provide supplemental load.

Trailer Mounted Load Banks

All the great technology of our resistive units but mounted onto a highway trailer.

Avtron 6180 load bank testing a diesel generator

Resistive Reactive Load Banks

Load banks available as inductive, capacitive or combined resistive reactive for testing non-unity power factors.

Avtron 10ft Container Load Banks lined up

Container Load Banks

Built for high capacity load testing in the toughest environments.

Avtron medium voltage 9800 load bank

Medium Voltage Load Banks

Available as direct connect or constructed with an integrated step down transformer.

Avtron Sigma PC Basic in use

Load Bank Control

Market leading SIGMA control allows a range of load test options for any application.


A Load Bank Available for Every Application

Explore our comprehensive selection of standard and tailored load bank solutions, catering to diverse applications across various industries. Delve into our top-rated applications and discover how our cutting-edge solutions can revolutionize your operations today. Unleash the potential of our load banks and witness the enhanced efficiency and performance they bring to your projects.

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