Load Bank Control

The SIGMA Load Control platform is the industry-leading solution for monitoring and controlling load banks. SIGMA software enables users to simultaneously control multiple load banks via conventional cables or an Avtron wireless gateway. The products enable facilities to go beyond simple gen-set testing by networking multiple devices for commissioning power and HVAC systems and evaluating power equipment safety. Equipment rental firms enjoy simplified testing, setup, and reporting. Discover the easiest way to operate load banks below.


We have multiple load control options to meet the demands of any application.


Connect multiple load banks together to increase capacity or perform non-unity power factor tests.

Data Capture & Reporting

SIGMA control allows data capture and automatic reporting for any load test.

How to choose load bank controls?

Choosing the correct load control is essential. This infographic breakes down our control types into easy to understand sections and shows the best selection for any load bank application.

Load Bank Control Types

Avtron Sigma LT Hand-held

SIgma LT

Digital toggles or a hand-held for selected resistive only load banks.

Avtron Sigma Hand-held load bank control

Sigma Hand-Held

Fast and accurate testing for SIGMA 2 load banks.

SIGMA PC load bank software

Sigma PC Software

Advanced load test capabilities for high end testing.

Avtron Sigma PC basic load bank control software

SIgma PC Basic

Simple and intuitive PC control.

Avtron Sigma Network Pro Load Control Software

Sigma Network Pro

For controlling many load banks in a network.

Avtron Site Load Correction

Sigma Site Load Correction

Provide supplemental load bank automatically to a gen-set.

Avtron Sigma Gateway

SIgma PC Gateway

Network SIGMA 2 and SIGMA LT load banks together.

Avtron Sigma Wireless Gateway

Sigma Wireless Gateway

Network SIGMA 2 and SIGMA LT load banks together wirelessly.

Load Bank Control FAQs

Every load application is unique. SIGMA Load Bank Control Solutions offer a wide range of hardware, communication, and software
elements to optimize a load bank solution for every application.

It depends on the application and the testing you want to perform. This handy infographic provides some basic overview information but for a full run down please contact our sales experts for more information.

SIGMA is available in some form on most of our load banks. We have multiple options to meet most load test requirements.

Yes. Check out our Modbus Registers manual for more detailed information.

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