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Where can I find Load Bank general anchoring guidelines for 4100, 4500 & 4800?

Note: In general, Avtron does not provide anchoring instructions on these load banks as the anchors and installation are provided by and completed by others. However, here are some general guidelines:

The recommendations of the site Civil Engineer or Architect or party having authority and knowledge of the actual site conditions take precedent.

Load banks are to be secured via four field-installed fasteners. Avtron does not provide mounting hardware. The installing contractor is responsible to obtain requirements based on site requirements, specifications and local approval. If a specification exists, the contractor is required to verify that a load bank is secured per specification. See an Avtron load bank manual and outline drawings for additional details. Installation incorporating vibration isolation or special seismic and wind loading requires a third-party review. In all cases, the installing contractor is responsible to consult with the respective authority.


Avtron recommends installation of 5/8″ diameter Hilti KWIK bolt-3 or type KB-TZ corrosion resistant wedge anchors (or field-approved equivalent). The installing contractor must follow installation instructions provided with the Hilti mounting bolts (anchoring hardware) and any specifications provided by a Civil Engineer or local design supervisor. Wedge anchor bolts shall have appropriate projection above the finished concrete surface after installation. Unless otherwise specified, locate the anchors a minimum of 6” edge distance from centerline of anchor bolts to any edge of concrete. These anchors must be embedded into properly cured concrete meeting minimum compressive strength of 2500 PSI.


Avtron recommends installation of 5/8″ diameter Grade 5 plated steel (corrosion resistant) or 18-8 stainless steel hardware with a minimum tensile strength of 50,000 psi (or field approved equivalent). If no additional instructions are provided, torque 5/8” mounting bolts to 100 LB-FT. Any specifications provided by a Civil Engineer or local design supervisor take precedent. Use of thread lock or an anti-vibration locking device recommended. Do not weld load bank to structure. Any roof mounting requires review of load bank exhaust thermals as the exhaust air temperatures may damage roofing. Roof installs require proper sealing to weather-proof installation.

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