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What are the control methods offered in the SIGMA LT range of load banks?

SIGMA LT has 2 control methods. A local digital toggle switch control and a remote hand-held control. 

Digital Toggle Switches

Digital toggles are fitted as standard to all SIGMA LT load banks and provides local control. Digital toggles are perfect for fast load testing when a SIGMA LT hand-held is unavailable. The digital toggle switches provide 3 phase instrumentation on a seven segment LED display located on the load bank.


The SIGMA LT Hand-held is an optional touchscreen remote control that allows the user to utilise all SIGMA LT features and benefits. 25 SIGMA LT load banks can be connected in a network and controlled by a single hand-held. The hand-held allows individual load bank control and total network control with the ability to capture load test data to a USB flash drive.

For more information about SIGMA LT view the latest brochure.

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