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How do I use manual control on SIGMA PC software?

  1. First, you need to be connected to the load bank SIGMA PC Software via the USB SIGMA interface, the start button must be pressed and the supply to test isconnected to the load bank.
  2. You should know the COM port number.
  3. From Start Menu, open control panel and select system and open Device Manager.
  4. Open the Ports (COM & LPT) and double-click on USB Serial Port to change the serial port number under Advance Settings.
  5. Open the SIGMA PC system by double-clicking the desktop SIGMA PC.
  6. System will automatically search for supply or load bank connected.
  7. You will notice a dialog box stating no load bank found. Just click OK as we need to configure communications port.
  8. Use Communication Port from the Configure menu and select the communications port number that you created from the port menu. You will notice that system will automatically perform as search of load bank connected.
  9. If the SIGMA PC system found the load bank connected, it should display the total load available from the supply and load bank information dialog box then click ok.
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