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How do I use a Load Bank with a SIGMA 2 controller in Emergency Control Mode?

When to use Emergency Control Mode:
For emergency operation if a SIGMA Hand-Held Controller is not available.

What will I need?

  • Load bank with SIGMA 2 local control panel
  • Ensure No SIGMA Hand-Held Controller is plugged into load bank
  • Load bank power is on


To prevent accidental operation of this mode, the timing for this procedure must be exact. If it does not work the first try, please repeat the following procedure.

Enabling the Emergency Control Mode:
1. Press the Stop button.
2. Select <1> on the small rotary switch.
3. Press the Start button.
4. Select <6>. Wait for one second.
5. Select <0>.

Applying Load:
6. Select <1> to <11> to apply proportionally more load.
For each step the load increases by approximately 9% of the total load bank capacity.
Position <11> provides the maximum load available.

SIGMA load bank control panel

These values refer to the capacity of the load bank – not to the capacity of the Supply-on-Test. Be careful not to overload the supply.

Removing load:
7. Select <0> to reject all load.
The fan will stop after a time delay.
Time delay approximately 10 sec.

Disabling Emergency Control Mode:
8. Press the Stop push button.

SIGMA load bank control panel
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