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Can I perform high frequency testing using a load bank?

Guidelines when requesting information on high frequency testing using an Avtron Load Bank:

A.) With respect to definite purpose contactors:

2200 Hz does not fall within the published ratings.  The following guidelines are presented due to the uncertainty with breaking loads at the elevated frequency:

  • Avoid opening the load contactors under loaded conditions.
  • Due to the elevated frequency levels the load elements performance is unpredictable and they should be monitored for oscillation.
  • A power factor reduction will be introduced due to the increase in frequency, reducing the resistive load from a 0.99 p.f. to approximately 0.96 or as low as 0.90 p.f. depending on the  design of the elements.


B.) With respect to the metering:

The shark meter and current transformers used in the Avtron ADMS cannot handle 2200 Hz.  They both would need to be disconnected from the circuit.  The Shark meter is rated for 60Hz maximum and the CTs 400HZ maximum.

Other components within load banks are limited to 400Hz 

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