Introducing the Next-Generation Load Bank: The 2775

Cleveland, Ohio – August 8, 2023 – Avtron Power Solutions, a leading innovator in load bank technology, proudly announces the launch of its newest product, the 2775 Load Bank. This cutting-edge load bank offers a plethora of advanced features, delivering unprecedented performance and efficiency for data center focused load testing.

Distinguished by its 26.5” slim space-saving design, the 2775 Load Bank effortlessly navigates data center narrow aisles, optimizing floor space while delivering top-notch functionality, ideal for hot/cold aisle testing.

The 265-Kilowatt unit embodies a “rental-ready” ethos with its robust construction, including heavy gauge aluminized steel and conservatively rated elements for enhanced longevity. Notably, the incorporation of fork pockets equips the unit to thrive in demanding environments, ensuring hassle-free transportation and placement. This bolstered durability underscores the load bank’s endurance and presents an intelligent investment for enterprises seeking dependable load testing solutions.

Precision and accuracy reach new heights with the 2775 Load Bank, with an impressive 1 KW load step resolution. This precision is essential for data center operators and facility managers, enabling them to execute exacting load testing and validate the performance of critical power systems with confidence.

The 2775 Load Bank has prestigious UL Certification, assuring compliance with the highest industry safety standards. Our customers can rest assured that their critical infrastructure is protected during load testing.

A hallmark of the 2775 Load Bank is the SIGMA LT control system. This innovative control system is available with standard local digital controls or an optional hand-held that empowers users to oversee up to 25 Load Banks concurrently or individually. The SIGMA LT control system harnesses the superfast CANbus communication protocol, streamlining the configuration, monitoring, and optimization of load testing operations across multiple units. Moreover, all test data can be conveniently captured via a USB port, facilitating export for in-depth analysis and reporting.

Steve Shoureas, VP of Engineering at Avtron, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “The introduction of the 2775 Load Bank is a source of great pride for Avtron. Our engineering team has devoted considerable effort to design this solution that directly addresses the distinct challenges faced by contemporary data centers. With its narrow width, user-friendly industrial design, robust construction, unparalleled quality, and seamless compatibility with the SIGMA LT control system, the 2775 Load Bank redefines industry norms with a product specifically designed for the data center. It empowers our customers to engage in load testing with unparalleled capability.

For a comprehensive understanding of the 2775 Load Bank and its extraordinary capabilities, we invite you to explore or reach out to us at


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