Avtron 9800 Becomes first UL Listed Medium Voltage Load Bank

Cleveland, Ohio, May 16, 2023 – Avtron Power Solutions, a global leading load bank manufacturer is pleased to announce one of its products; the 9800 medium voltage load bank has received UL listed status and becomes the first medium voltage solution to achieve this level of certification.

Manufactured in Cleveland, U.S. the 9800 offers resistive load testing up to 3000kW at 4160 to 13,800VAC. The unit consists of a step-down transformer and a low voltage load bank permanently connected on a transportable skid.

The UL evaluation process consists of several rigorous tests involving the load bank, transformer, and the connections between the two. The goal is to ensure it’s as safe as possible and provides adequate protection from the elements. Once complete the operator has the knowledge the 9800 load bank’s safety is backed by third party expertise and is of the highest quality.

“To be the first in the industry to achieve UL certification for this type of load bank is exciting to us and demonstrates Avtron’s commitment to product safety through rigorous, independent, third-party evaluation of our products. Being able to achieve this certification is a credit to the engineers whose thoughtful design made this possible,” said Steve Shoureas, Global Director of Engineering.

The certification comes at a great time with many new medium voltage projects being undertaken throughout the USA due to the rise in renewables in the power generation industries.

“This new certification further cements our status as the global leader in load banks solutions and helps us to meet our goal to ensure critical power is available when the world needs it,” said Bhavesh Patel, Chief Executive officer.


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