The 6111 is an inductive load bank with capacities up to 1050kVAr and a wide option of voltages. The 6111 is often used to network to Avtron resistive load banks for non-unity power factor testing.


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875 kVAr @ 400V, 50Hz | 1050kVAr @ 480V, 60Hz
Voltages Available
Most standard global voltages are available on request. Please note capacity will vary depending on Voltage.
50 Hz, 60 Hz
SIGMA 2 Control
Hot Air Discharge

Please note custom designs may be available. Please speak to a member of our sales team for more information. 

Key Features

6111 Technical Documents

6111 Data Sheet

6111 Outline Drawing - Static

6111 Outline Drawing - Moveable

6000 SERIES Manual

6000 SERIES Brochure

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6000 SERIES Specification

Airflow Requirements

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